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Things That Keep Us Up at Night!

Posted by Rich Hauswirth on Mon, Apr 20, 2015 @ 05:02 PM

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Just recently, my wife Margareth and I celebrated our birthdays. She reminded me that in 12 months, we will be eligible for Medicare and we will “have to” sign up for it. All of the current data for us baby-boomers says that is a necessary rite of passage and should not be put off. So whether you are retiring or will continue to work, sign up when it’s your turn!

Lately it seems that there are more and more “rules” to think about as we wear the shingle of a baby boomer and deal with the impending idea of retirement and our new life to come. Needless to say, being in this age bracket, all the marketing I see these days seems to be focused on people like Margareth and I that are contemplating retirement. AARP for an example; if you are 50 or older, sign up for this group. They have publications that are excellent and have some outstanding ideas on investment advice, health breakthroughs and the latest scams.

Scams targeted against the baby boomers concern me the most lately as we have been seeing many of our customers being affected. Frankly our way of living is ever changing and we must be more vigilant on how we conduct ourselves financially. Cybercrime risks will plague us as more and more folks deal electronically and do so without protection. So some quick ideas that we suggest may help reduce the potential for a financial loss:

  • Please, change your passwords frequently. Write them down and put them in a safe place. Gone are the days of 1-2-3-4 and your name. Make it a tad bit complicated.
  • Consider using the services of a credit report check: Life lock for a fee each year or which is free.
  • Do you get credit solicitations in the mail? Opt out of junk mail from these credit card carriers and above all buy a locking mailbox.
  • Buy protection software! Some are free like Malware and some charge like McAfee or Norton.
  • Backup Storage. Where do you store your computer based financial records? Some use “The Cloud” while many of my friends are suggesting a double backup on premises and in a fire proof safe.

Whatever you do take the maximum amount of protection available to keep your assets safe.

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