Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

As an expert in your field, you are accustomed to being consulted for your expertise. You dispense it thoughtfully. You consult with law books or other law experts to get it right. Above all, you want to assist your clients in their time of need.

Do you do the same with your NJ professional liability errors and omissions insurance?

We have the expertise and extensive market representation to make sure you are truly covered:

  • Special coverages
  • Higher limits (in some cases up to 10 million)
  • Manageable deductibles
  • Full protection for prior acts (in most cases)

We can assist you in making proper coverage decisions for your New Jersey firm, whether you are a sole practitioner or a firm employing 100 associates.

To get started, complete the quote request form to the right. You can also give our Protection Team a call at 877-329-3261 for immediate assistance.