Workers Compensation

As a business owner you should be asking yourself the question every day: How can I add more to my bottom line? If you don't have the Protection Team at Hauswirth & Sons Insurance Consultants managing your NJ workers compensation costs, chances are you are being overcharged by thousands of dollars!

Workers comp insurance, if not properly managed, can spiral out of control and cost you thousands of dollars in overcharges and operational expenses.

In today's business climate you can't just purchase this product and think it will solve all your problems. A mismanaged workers comp policy will eat into your profits, drain your company's resources, and tie up your valuable time!

There are 3 ways you can reduce your workers compensation costs:

  1. Make sure your payroll classification is correct. The wrong category could cost you thousands of dollars in additional premiums!
  2. Make sure your overtime, non-worked time, and company officer exclusions are clearly recorded. When your payroll is audited by the insurance company, having excellent records will help make sure your rates are accurate.
  3. Make sure your experience modification is correct. Do not assume your workers comp claims are being managed properly. A mistake here can substantially increase your insurance premiums.

Don't wait to make sure your workers compensation policy is set up correctly. Take a quick moment to complete the quote request form to the right, or give us a call at 877-329-3261 to speak with a member of our Protection Team who is trained in NJ workers compensation insurance. We will explain all your options to make sure you receive your insurance at the best possible price.

When you request your free NJ workers compensation quote, we will also send you a copy of Rich Hauswirth's Free Report, "The 7 Dirty Sins of Workers Compensation Insurance."