Flood Insurance

Everyone who lives in the state of New Jersey should be concerned with the potential for flooding. Since 2004, FEMA has declared flooding as New Jersey's number-one natural hazard. Changes in our weather patterns have shown that coastal flooding as well as inland flooding can only get worse.

Your homeowners or renters insurance policy will not cover flood damage. The only way you can protect yourself against flood damage is to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. The Protection Team at Hauswirth & Sons Insurance Consultants has been properly trained by FEMA and representatives of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

We can help:

  • Prepare your home to minimize damage caused by flooding.
  • Explain the most recent changes to the flood insurance program.
  • Provide the maximum amount of coverage at the least possible price.

The changes that are coming from this federally sponsored flood insurance program can be very confusing to the average homeowner. We can help you through this minefield of changes so you can rest assured knowing you have the right protection at the best possible price.

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*Please note that an Elevation Certificate from a licensed surveyor or engineer is required in order for us to provide you with a flood insurance quote.

Hauswirth & Sons Are Local, Knowledgeable, and Fair Priced

"Coastline Title Agency, Inc. recommends Hauswirth & Sons on a regular basis to our customers who need Homeowners and Flood Insurance. We know that Geri always walks her customers through the insurance process and explains coverage thoroughly. Hauswirth & Sons are local, knowledgeable, and fair priced."

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