Insurance For Your Home in New Jersey

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Any Aspect of Your NJ Home Insurance

Your home can bring you comfort in your time of need. It can be a financial resource for the future. It can be a wellspring of memories.

On the flip side...

Your home can burn down. It can be hit by lightening. It can take on water. With so many dangers, how do you know that your home is properly protected?

How Can You Properly Protect Your Home?

Your New Jersey home is probably the single biggest investment you may ever make in your life. Are you sure you’ve protected your investment to the fullest? Are you sure you have the best possible coverage for it?

Are you aware of what your insurance protects, and what it doesn’t? For example, let’s say that someone gets hurt on your New Jersey property, sues you and wins a judgment for $500,000. However, your homeowner limits are $300,000. How will you come up with the remaining $200,000?

Would you want to pay that $200,000 out of your own pocket or would you want an insurance company to pay it on your behalf?

If there is a heavy downpour of rain and the sewers back up in your subdivision and in your home, will your insurance pay for the damage? Probably not, unless you have special sewer back up protection.

How about discounts? There are several discounts available on home insurance like multi-policy, home alarm and inflation protection discounts. Are you getting all of the discounts you deserve? How can you be sure?

Finally, are you familiar with replacement cost as opposed to “actual cash value” protection? This is an important provision in your policy in case your possessions or your home are ever damaged. It's really quite simple: Actual Cash Value (or ACV) only pays out what an item is worth at the time of the loss, which is defined as the "cost new less accumulated depreciation". At this level of protection, you may receive only a small amount for something that will be expensive to replace. Replacement cost valuation, on the other hand, will pay out the expense of replacing the item, which is a much larger sum.

Let us review your NJ home insurance for free and make sure:

  • There are no gaps in your coverage
  • You are getting all the discounts you're eligible for
  • You are fully aware of all your coverage options
  • You have your own personal customer service representative

Which do you have on your policy?

How Hauswirth & Sons Insurance Consultants Can Help

Our home insurance experts at Hauswirth & Sons Insurance Consultants will examine your protection closely to ensure you don’t have dangerous protection gaps. We will make sure you are receiving all the discounts you are eligible for. And we will point out all of the nuances and explain the important fine print so your home is completely protected at the best possible price.

So don’t wait another minute. Simply complete the quote request form on this page right now. Don't risk your family’s future, get the real facts about the homeowners coverage you need, and discover how you might actually slash your insurance costs up to 37% or more! One of our home insurance agents at Hauswirth & Sons Insurance Consultants in Forked River, NJ, will help you get the rock-solid protection that you deserve.

Saved Me $1,000 a Year for the Same Coverage

"I talked with Isabel about a homeowners policy & she was able to save me $1,000.00 a year for the same coverage as my old policy. Isabel was wonderful to talk to & deal with. Everything was taken care of over the phone & through the mail."

Richard M. | Waretown, NJ