Life Insurance

Not Everyone Needs Life Insurance!

If you have no children (or other dependents) or if you & your significant other each make enough money to support your family if one of you dies, life insurance may not be needed.

If you have sufficient funds available to provide for the survivor's long-term needs without using all the financial resources, then life insurance may not be needed.

However, most people will need life insurance: Spouses, dependents (children & others), parents, & even your favorite charity may need your financial support if you are not there for them!

Get a free life insurance review so you can be sure that your needs and objectives are being met properly:

  • To cover funeral expenses, pay estate taxes, or for any other expenses your survivors may be burdened with.
  • To fulfill promises + obligations to your family when you are gone.
  • To help ensure that a family business will pass to your intended survivor.
  • and many more.

Even if you currently have a life insurance policy, it is critical to have your policy reviewed every 3-4 years to see if the coverage is meeting your current needs.

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