Renters Insurance

A renters insurance policy is affordable and covers your possessions as well as liability. This means that you have coverage for your TV if it is stolen and protection if a neighbor trips on your front step and hurts himself.

Don't think that the landlord's insurance will cover your... it doesn't!

With renters insurance, you're covered if:

  • A pipe bursts and floods the apartment or rental home.
  • The apartment complex catches on fire and your belongings are damaged.
  • Thieves break down your door and steal your electronics.
  • A friend hurts himself going down the stairs of your rental home.

Your belongings and peace of mind are worth more than you think, and the coverage rental insurance provides is inexpensive and priceless in the event of a loss.

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Always Looking Out for My Best Interest

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Valerie M. | Tuckerton, NJ