Graduating from College Soon

"What College Graduates Need to Know About Insurance"

Congratulations! Graduating college is an important milestone in your life. One that will bring on many new and exciting life changes.

As you seek out new ventures, one thing you will need is insurance. Most importantly, good insurance at a reasonable price. When you're new to the world of insurance, we suggest finding a knowledgable adviser. At Hauswirth & Sons Insurance Consultants, we are a local business with agents to help you find the best New Jersey insurance.

There are four types of insurance you'll want to consider after graduating college:


NJ Auto Insurance after You Graduate

In college, you were probably on your parent's auto policy. That's because their policy covered resident relatives. However, when you move out and/or get the title to a vehicle, you are no longer covered on their auto policy.

Another reality is that your New Jersey auto insurance needs are different than your parents. For example, they might be financially able to have a large deductible on their policy. As a recent graduate, this might not be best for you.

Now is the time to call Hauswirth & Sons Insurance Consultants. Because we represent a wide variety of insurance companies, you'll have many options choose from for your auto insurance in New Jersey.

You will get all options and discounts you qualify for. Each company will offer different discounts, which is one of the benefits to contacting an independent insurance agent for an auto quote -- You get the best auto policy coverage value for the least amount of money.

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Renters Insurance

Every college graduate dreams of the day they finally move out... for good. Picture this: You finally get your own place. You're more than estatic, but you realize the amount of stuff you've accumulated:

    • TV
    • Laptop or PC
    • Printer
    • DVD player
    • iPod, iTouch, iPad, etc.
    • Cell phone, smart phone, iPhone
    • Game systems (Wii, X Box, PlayStation 3)
    • Bedroom set & other furniture
    • Microwave & other kitchen appliances
    • Watch or jewelry
    • Other important possessions

You might not think they're worth much now, but they are... especially when you think of how much it would cost to replace them.

A couple of friends help you move to your new garden apartment. Great!

You're moved in, you've managed to save a couple of bucks and it's two weeks before you start work. So, you take a short trip with some friends to Cancun. You have a blast and return home on a Saturday night.

You're still smiling at the memories of the trip as you walk up the stairs. Maybe you're even chuckling as you put the key in the door and open it.

Then you stop laughing. You stop smiling. You mouth drops and you can't believe your eyes.

Your place has been trashed. Everything you had is gone—your laptop, DVD player, game system. Everything.

That's a bad enough feeling. And it happens. But eventually you realize all of your things are replaceable. Or are they?

Did you have renter's insurance?

Renter's Insurance covers your belongings (clothing, books, CDs, furniture - everything) not only in your apartment but in your locked car and anywhere else you take them. It protects your things against fire and other occurrences beyond your control—including vandalism and theft.

If you thought about it at all, you may have thought insurance was the responsibility of the landlord. It's not. The landlord's policy covers the building only. It's a renter's policy that will help pay for the replacement of all your personal items.

It will also pay for an attorney and protect you in case someone gets injured while in your apartment and/or you get sued if damage caused by you impacts neighboring apartments.

In fact, if you're surfing in the waters of Cancun and you hit another surfer and cause him injury, the liability part of the policy will protect you from any claims against your actions.

Get peace of mind about your belongings and your liability with a renter's insurance policy. We can help explain the coverage to you and find discounts to help save you money. Request a free quote to get started today.


Health Insurance

Let's say before starting your job you decide to take a month and backpack across Europe. You're in Paris when you begin feeling a pain in the lower right side of your abdomen that will not go away with an Alka Seltzer.

The pain gets worse. You finally get medical help. You discover you have appendicitis and need your appendix removed.

Wait a minute.

Do you even have health insurance?

Remember, since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, you can usually stay on your parent's health coverage until age 26. So, double-check at what age you're no longer covered on their policy.

You will still be covered after you leave school and your home, but after age 26 you're responsible for insuring your health. Being without health insurance makes you vulnerable.


Insurance to Cover Your Debt

Perhaps your parents cosigned for your new car and your student loans. For that you'll be forever grateful. However, they are the ones responsible to pay the loans back if you unexpectedly die.

Do you really want to do that to your parents?

We can help you learn how to use insurance to cover your debt and spare your parents or guardians the obligation of paying your loans back in case you can't.


One Insurance Source

When you make the transition from college to "real-life," everything changes. We've been there!

Now it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family.

Your choices are difficult and you will need an agent on your side. Insurance is complicated, and New Jersey has different regulations than other states (and federal regulations are always changing).

Give us a call today at 877-329-3261 to speak with someone who can help you with your insurance needs as a recent college graduate. Or, you can request a free quote below.